Friday, October 7, 2011

B is for BUSY!

My Little Dodger of the month!
has been at the top of my "To Do" list since August. Unfortunately, the items underneath have been things like- newsletter, IPDP, goals, FAIR, FLKRS, mid-terms, writing night, lesson plans, Daily 5, make copies..... you get the idea.. I really like to blog so I am going to try to upload photos right away and document the 2011-12 year! I will be taking a brief (too brief!) hiatus between December and March to give birth and soak in the goodness of a newborn before I my FMLA runs out.

These days I am busy planning for the weeks ahead and trying to wrap my brain around a new teacher evaluation system and all of the trainings, observations, and madness that the State of Florida has mandated.

My schedule has changed a bit this year as well. My daughter Amelia has started VPK at a local Elementary school. She LOVES it and we are so blessed to have access to a FREE quality program. The downside- the hours are exactly the same as mine and there is no before or after care offered for her age. SO- my little girl is taking the yellow BUS to and from school. The problem is I live a good 20 minutes from my school. The bus picks her up at 7:50- give or take 5 minutes.. and I have to report at 8:15. I haven't been late yet- but this new morning routine has been a difficult adjustment. Last year (well, the last 12 years) I liked to be at school by 7:45 at the LATEST! I was first in line for the copy machine, laminator, Ellis machine... the school was quiet for a good 1/2 hour before it gets NUTS! Now, I rush in, sign in, fill up my water cup, go to the bathroom, make a mad dash to the copy machine, and greet my parents at the door, check email, check lesson plans..and start the day! Thankfully, my husband is able to meet the bus in the afternoon most of the time.. so I can stay late to plan.

I don't know why this year is busier then others- I work every Sunday in my classroom and still... I have many items left on my "to do" list. I can't imagine it will be better once I have a newborn!

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  1. I think I always have a long to do list. Both of my kids are in college this year, and I still find myself running around crazy!! So I second, the B is for Busy!!