Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teach Them well and Let Them Lead the Way

 What are your best memories from elementary school? I remember sitting on the orange carpet in the library while the librarian read me Amelia Bedelia. I didn't get any of the humor. She patiently explained why the mistakes were funny and let me check out THAT book! I remember performing in my nightgown and saying "more cookies?!" in the third grade play. I remember putting on a heavy smock in art and painting with smelly gritty paint in frozen juice cans. I remember the hard stuff too- spelling tests, lice checks, timed multiplication tests...

Today my school district has proposed cutting out ALL elementary librarians, music, and art teachers for next year in order to meet the budget reductions.

What is happening in education in my state is outrageous. What could happen in my district is unthinkable.

I feel like as a teacher I have done all I can do. I have marched and held signs. I have written letters, emails, and made phone calls. I am weary. I am tired of the fight.

Can you imagine what your child will miss when they don't get instruction in the arts?

Here is what is happening in my state


  1. What state do you teach in?!!? That's crazy! In my district, media specialists are a big deal. It's required the school has one and they are part of the site based committee and everything. A lot of schools in my district have a "fine arts" teacher that does both music and art. My school is one of the few that still have both because my principal chooses to fund that position. The educational system keeps getting worse and worse each year! It's ridiculous! I hope your district changes their mind!

  2. I am in Florida. It is just crazy.

  3. I hear you- NY is crazy too. The educational system is broken.