Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Student Made Alphabet Book

It is 7:00 pm, the night before our Orientation. I stayed late to finish up my room since I have a Science curriculum training right before our school orientation tomorrow . Now, I am trapped in my classroom- it is raining "Cats and Dogs" outside! I also need to go to the grocery store and I am not excited about getting soaking wet.

Last school year I was determined to get my students doing more creative art. I saw great examples of ABC art on one of my favorite blogs - No Time for Flashcards. So I copied some of the ideas and came up with my own. For each letter we read a story that related to the letter craft first. Many of the letter crafts got posted last year- you can find them if you click on the letters in my post labels. Here is an example of a completed book.

I saved the projects all year and used the book binder to make a kindergarten keepsake for each student.

The rain stopped!

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