Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I did on my Summer Vacation

It is August.. which must mean summer vacation is over - at least for kindergarten teachers. I don't officially get started until the 16th but I've been steadily working in my classroom for about 2 weeks. My husband dropped me off at my school on Sunday and remarked that there were a few teachers also working... happened to be the four other kindergarten teachers at my school!

This summer I taught 5 weeks of summer school and then spent 11 days in NY visiting with my family. I was so thankfully to be able to celebrate my grandmother's 89th birthday with her!

I had a summer "to do" list but I only managed to get a few things crossed off.. I guess the closets, garage, and photo albums will have to wait until next summer!

 We went to a local theme park call Seabreeze in Rochester NY

 We also went to the best children's museum in Rochester as well. This was our 4th trip in 4 summers.
 Happy Birthday Gram!

First flight on an airplane!

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