Saturday, August 22, 2015

Classroom Photos for 2015-16!

Welcome to my classroom. It is as "done" as it can be for our first day on Monday. 
 Our Daily Focus wall - I am still working on this. It is so hard for me to wrap my brain around logical goals and scales when the kids can't read them.
Anchor charts will go here eventually - This is where the writing supplies are kept for writing workshop and inside the cabinet are blocks.
I made this response board after seeing a blog post about a trip to a Pittsburg children's museum. I wasn't sure what the choices were- so I emailed the museum. The students will use magnets to indicate what they did that day. This goes along with our closing circle activities at the end of the day. 
                       Puzzle area and chalkboard

Safe Keeper box ready and waiting. We are so lucky to have staggered start in my district so I only have 4 students on Monday!
                          Meeting place and library

Song, poem, and Fundations handwriting grid ready and waiting.  Our essential question for the next few weeks is "What is a community".
Word Wall, Sensory Table with Reading Buddies underneath
My desk with all the materials for the week waiting.. Two bags of stuff to bring home and finish tonight!
I always make sure to find a little time each day to play. My daughters donated a few things to make this area a more exciting. 

      Writing center with dollhouse/puppets peaking in the back and mailboxes waiting for work!

I got this idea from kindercraze and schoolstyle - I love it!

Timeline waiting for some events! Supplies ready to go-
Here is the back of my room. I just love how this turned out!


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