Friday, March 4, 2011

Dr. Seuss

I have found so many wonderful ideas and printables on blogs this week! Here is a peek into our Seuss week-

I don't have easy access to a kitchen so this is the closest to Green Eggs and Ham that I can do for my kids- This is lime sherbet and a strawberry fruit roll up.

We made a picture graph and analyzed the results.

The students recorded the class data and wrote about the results.

We decorated our door with Yurtle the Turtle and all of the K-2 classes read a Dr. Seuss book together in the library for Read Across America.
In centers we did word mining for "birthday" and put One Fish Two Fish in ABC order and recorded the results.
We read Dr. Seuss's ABC and made a class ABC book- here are some of the pages.
Bell work on Wednesday was to fill in this chart with capital and lowercase letters.
We read The Butter Battle Book and predicted what happened after the last page. (This is a GREAT book!)
We read this Scholastic News about Dr. Seuss. We learned that he had 2 pen names and we looked for each name on our class collection.
We read I had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew. The kids wrote about their favorite parts.

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  1. Any chance I could get a copy of the "All About America"? I wnet on line and the place you gave me is not available.
    If you could, I would appreciate it!