Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Organization Tips

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I am linking with Growing Kinders with tips on getting organized.

I keep a file folder with each reading lesson in a tub right next to  my teacher chair.
Glues to the front of each file folder is a summary of the lesson. This tells me the letter, words, skills, and vocabulary focus without getting my teacher manual out. Inside I have copies of handwriting and phonics worksheets and anything else I need for that lesson.

These are my bins. I have white bin on a wall of books shelves. I got these for a dollar at The Dollar Tree. They are actually dish basins. Two fit perfectly side by side. I organize all of my books and resources this way.
Over the summer I brought home all of my files. I had grand plans of organizing them. Well, my husband decided to wash the cars and my daughter helped! I had cleaned out the car and put my crate of files in the garage. Apparently things got a little wild with the hose and all of my files got wet. It has actually been nice to have a fresh start. I am using these instead of file folders. They are easier to transport and store.
These are my emergency sub and RtI plans. The teacher next door knows where to find them - just in case.

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