Monday, September 20, 2010

A is for Apple

This week starts our study on Apples. I LOVE this theme... for a few moments I can pretend that the air is getting crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and I need an extra blanket on the bed. Of course reality hits at recess when it's 87 degrees and standing at car duty feels like 187 degrees!

We read Pick Me An APPLE! From Seed to Tree. We compared a grove to an orchard and talked about yellow, green, and red apples. We talked about the parts of an apple and labeled and colored this worksheet and we learned the song Follow Me to The Apple Tree by Jack Hartman.

Don't you just love when good ideas collide into something wonderful??!!

This summer I was doing some planning and I came across an idea of using a "story stick" to retell or sequence a story. I loved the idea and sent out a call to parents for donations. Luckily one of my parents works for Sherman -Williams and was able to provide paint stirrers!

Well... in math we are learning about patterns... and I was eager to use those paint stirrers so during my planning time I came up with this:

I had enough sticky back Velcro to make four stirrers. I am crazy with excitement at all of the possibilities! Alphabet, numbers, sequencing, schedules, writing webs, patterns..........
I just need to get more Velcro and then I will be attaching Velcro to EVERYTHING!

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