Wednesday, September 22, 2010

J is for Jobs!

Everyone in my class has a job. The first few weeks of school I model each job and we take turns trying each job. Last week I assigned our first round of class jobs. The kids were VERY excited to learn which job they'd been assigned. Door holder and line leader are the most coveted jobs, but office helper and paper passer are very popular too. I was impressed and a little surprised at how seriously each student took their job responsibilities. This is our second week of class jobs. We switched jobs yesterday and I was happy to see the old job holder show the new job holder how to do the job. It was great to see such great cooperation. Watch out if you try to do someones job!! You will be reminded that, that is not your job! In order reuse my job chart year to year, each child gets a number. That number is written on a pencil and the pencils get rotated each week.

Our jobs are: line leader, door holder, paper, calendar, soap, library, bell work, desks, floor, rules, lights, weather, and office

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