Thursday, November 4, 2010

W is for Word Building

The reading curriculum I have used the last six years provided card stock letter cards in plastic pouches and 2 cardboard boards glued together to slide the cards onto for word building. Needless to say.. they survived about a year. Another phonics curriculum I use supplied nice laminated letter tiles but I struggled with doling them out, collecting them, and keeping them organized. It also took so much time for the children to find the letters they needed to build a word. The tiles would fall on the floor, get mixed up, or lost. I dreaded word building. While surfing the Internet I came across this idea.. I can't remember where I saw it.. I'd love to give credit so if you know, let me know! I am using Manila folders and post it notes. The vowels are kept on one side of the folder and the consonants the other. I wrote the letters on the folder so it is easy for the kids to put the letters back in the right place. The post its have lasted 2 school years! This is so easy to make and cheap! I used different colored post its for the consonants to keep the kids organized. I made a class set but I frequently ask children to buddy up to word build. Today we made CVC words using the vowel i. I also typed the word on the screen for the groups to check their work.

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