Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recycled Project:Christmas Crackers

I am participating in a Blog Hop! Make sure you check out the links at then end of this post to see how other teachers are recycling!

To tie into our unit on Europe we made these English Christmas Crackers. We read about the history and tradition and watched this YouTube video and saw real Christmas Crackers.

First ask all of your parents to save their toilet and paper towel rolls. I had more then enough in about 5 days.

You need candy (or small toys- traditionally a crown and a riddle too) and stickers. - I recycled the candy from Halloween and the stickers are bits that I've had for years.

The tissue paper was donated last Christmas to make wreaths and the yarn I got at our local Reduce, Reuse, Recycle store for $1.00!

1. Wrap the toilet roll securing the end with tape.

2. Roll and secure other end with tape.

3. Scrunch one end and tie with yarn and fill with candy and trinkets.

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