Sunday, January 9, 2011

Find It Fix It

I cannot take credit for the best clean up strategy I have heard in 12 years of teaching. GO HERE to learn about Find It Fix It. I have done it everyday for 5 days this week. My room has never been more sparkling at the end of the day. Even Miss Dot our custodian remarked about it's cleanliness. I give the student who found the fix it item a sticker and I only announce the winner when everyone is lined up quietly ready to leave at the door. So I get a clean room and a quiet line!!! Whoohoo!


  1. So glad you are loving this. Isn't it fantastic. Your blog is awesome! I'm your newest follower. :) Jodi (

  2. Thank you for posting the link. What a great idea!

  3. This is the most AMAZING organization trick I have EVER used! I added Mr. Harry "I am the cleanup robot" video (on youtube) and the kids clean and watch it, returning to the carpet to report on what they found/fixed. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE IT!