Thursday, January 13, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr.

I love teaching about Martin Luther King Jr. The kids just laugh and think it is the silliest thing that there used to be laws keeping people separate. They just cannot fathom that it matters what color skin their friends have. I have seen Dr. King's dream come true in the faces and spirit of my kindergartners. They instill hope in me for the future.
This is what we did-

Read Happy Birthday Martin Luther King and wrote out dreams for the future. I typed them and put them up with their photos in our outside bulletin board.

Watched a clip on Safari Montage about how and why people celebrate Martin Luther King Day.

They each illustrated a very unique book!

Read We're Different We're the Same and looked at brown and white eggs. (The kids asked me how I painted the brown egg!) We made a list off all of the ways the eggs are the same. *I* had to add they both came from chickens! They all wanted to say they came from the same store! Then we made a list of how they were different. Of course we could only think of one- different color. We decided to see if they were the same inside-- that was fun
We also read Martin's Big Words and completed our Weekly Reader.

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