Friday, January 7, 2011

U is for Underwear

This was a very busy week! Along with being back from our winter break we started our study of Antarctica. I introduced a memory game called I am going to Antarctica. ( I am sure you have played a variation - I learned it at summer camp!) You pick a friend and say, "Hey, _____ I am going to Antarctica and I am bringing _____. "They that friend picks a friend and says, "Hey, ________ I am going to Antarctica and I am bringing ________ and ________. " This goes on and on and the list of items gets longer and longer. I let everyone help remember the items, but you could play differently with older kids. They were doing a really great job of picking items they'd need in Antarctica.. boots, hat, tent, cell phone :), coat, THEN a little blond cherub said, "UNDERWEAR!" The fit of giggles on the carpet was contagious! I got them back and focused.. but that only lasted until the next friend had to say UNDERWEAR! I tried to avoid the conversation.. but I did have to point out that it was smart to wear underwear to Antarctica or you could freeze your fanny right off! Well, that did it for the game for that day! They next day I went first and I picked underwear as my item.. just to get the fit of giggles out the way. All was going great until someone said, "DIAPER!"
.....It is great to be a kindergarten teacher.

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