Sunday, January 16, 2011

S is for Snowman

All Floridians long for snow- well, their children do. They wish and dream about what they would do in the snow! We read a few books featuring snowmen. Our favorite was Snowmen at Night. Everyone enjoyed sharing their journal about what they think snowmen do at night.

We also made this cute book about a snowman melting.

I tried to recreate a snow experience with shaving cream and penguins. The class has fun at the the discovery center imagining...

I put this follow the directions Mitten in the pocket chart center this week. It was cold here and many of my kids did get to wear gloves to school! We made these adorable high frequency word snowmen! I assigned each child a word so we have 18 different words!

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  1. LOVE the snowmen. I do my interactive bulletin board liek that, but they are small and the middle circle can be moved.