Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vista Print

I have a confession-- I am ADDICTED to Vista Print. How have I gone 12 years of teaching without knowing about this site!? I've seen the ads for free business cards but I never thought I needed business cards - then a parent gave me a personalized mouse pad and notebook and said they got them free from Vista Print. Then, I was reading blogs over the winter break and I stumbled across this post.
I decided to give it a look..... 4 hours later.. I came away with this... I also got 2 free tee shirts for the Grandparents, 2 free pens, a key chain, and postcards. I will warn you. IF you venture to this site you will get emails EVERYDAY offering you FREE stuff. I have more on the way, I'll post it when I get them. All of this was free plus very reasonable shipping.

I made cards for my students to stick in their pockets when we go on a field trip. I am pretty sure if they did get lost, they'd be crying or panicking and not able to give anyone information. (In the past I have just used a slip of paper- but these were FREE!)-- try to ignore all of the personal info there - thanks! :)

If you visit my room.. everything hanging on the wall is crooked. I can't help it. I have poor visual spacial skills (I park crooked too). This banner will be perfect for a bulletin board! FREE!

Car Magnet for my front classroom door! FREE!

25 magnets- I am giving these out with my February homework packet. FREE!

Bumper Sticker for inside of the bathroom door- even if they can't read it-- hopefully the whale will remind them to flush and wash.

These are my pride and joy! These are 3x3 post-its that I designed on word and uploaded (there was a 2.00 upload fee so these were not totally free) I am using these to remind my students what to do with their decodable readers.

I am not sure what I am going to use this for- but I thought we needed a thinking cap! FREE!

Three rubber stamps- one just says Name_______ (for papers that don't have a line- they seem to always forget), the second says, Thank you for doing your best job I am proud of you!, and the third says, Please practice this skill with your child at home.

Remember.... you have been WARNED!!!!


  1. That's me! That's me! I don't know why, but I was super excited when the link took me to me. I'm so glad you fell in love with them too. You made some great things. :) Jodi

  2. I would be excited too! Thank you for introducing Vista Print to me.. I am totally addicted.