Saturday, January 15, 2011

North and South Poles

As an introduction to Antarctica I teach about the similarities and differences between the North and South Pole. I also have to dispel the myths about polar bear and penguins living together. Only in cartoons and Coke commercials!


  1. Thanks so much for displaying these books. I just ordered these to use!!! Also, where did you get the MLK booklet activity? And also, The Snowy DAy writing activity? I would like to purchase these items to use!!!
    Your blog is great!!!

  2. I got the snowy day stuff on this blog

    The MLK I copied from this book
    I see they have an ebook so you could download it right away- there is a penguin, MLK, Mitten, 100 days of school, groundhog, and valentine activity/book

    Thanks! I am glad you found this useful!!