Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank goodness there are 3 and half months between Halloween and Valentine's Day! I am exhausted! We will continue these centers through the week.

Making new words from v-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e. The students wrote their words on a response sheet.

Reading Valentine stories and keeping a library log-
Sequencing numbers 0-20 in the pocket chart.

Making patterns from candy hearts ( I told the kids the candy was from last year and it would make them very sick if they are it... I rewarded their willpower with different candy later!) they copied the heart pattern by coloring in the hearts.

This is my very favorite valentine! Last week I began to hear promises of Valentine cards and gifts- well, I love a good giant Hershey Kiss! BUT our class was in desperate need of glue sticks. I was out- the class was sharing the remaining 5 or 6.. so I told all of my kindys that I really love cards and gifts- but what I REALLY love are glue sticks...... I got 36 shiny new glue sticks today! I am trying something new (and I probably should have thought of this 12 years ago) I wrote each child's number on the top and stick.. that way when we find a top we will know who it belongs to.. hopefully this will cut back on dried out and lost glue!

I ordered 50 free small magnets from Vista Print and wrote our high frequency words on them- now the kids can make sentences and practice reading at this center.

I love this sentence!

This is a jumble of word BINGO and Beginning sounds match-up
This is my all time favorite Valentine Book- It is not too late to read it! Mr. Hatch is a sad boring man who changes his life when he finds out that someone loves him... it has a twist and then a happy ending. My kids loved reading this today. You can also watch it online on

We made tissue paper hearts. The kids were fascinated by the watered down glue! :)

They look very pretty.

I folded and stapled big art paper to make envelopes for their card exchange. They did a great job decorating.
Roll-a-word with 2 dice. They have to roll the letter and the blend and decide if it is a real or make believe word and the record the word on the response sheet. It is not really Valentine related but it is included in centers this week.

We have more Valentine activities to finish this week.

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  1. I found some great ideas to keep in mind for next year! I love the heart collage! It is adorable.