Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We are 100 days smarter!

Today was a VERY busy day! This is how was started off the day.... practicing "duck and cover" in case of a tornado...

Then we kicked off our 100 days of school celebration!

We sorted and counted fruit loops to make a necklace
We made 10 thumb prints on 10 strips of paper
Wrote 100 words we can read from around the classroom
This is the 100 day pocket chart activity for centers this week

Inside the discovery box are 100 objects to sort, count, and arrange
The thumb prints turned into a hat!

Made a 100 day book

Predicted what we will look like in 100 years

I wrote numbers 1-100 on candy and hid them around the room. When the class came back from art they had to find them and put the candy on the number chart. We found all but one! (19 was found at dismissal)

The poor Groundhog didn't get much attention! We did complete the Weekly Reader and watched the announcement of an early spring on YouTube.

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  1. We also did the hide the candy. I like the way you had them lay the candy on the poster.