Thursday, August 12, 2010

The ABC of Kindergarten

You will be getting a copy of this at Orientation.



of Kindergarten

A Handbook for Mrs. Lewis' Class


Absence- Please send a note the day your child returns explaining their absence. If they will be out more than one day please call me in the classroom. 564-3853


Attendance- Please attend school everyday!


Arrival and Dismissal- Students should arrive by 8:40 and wait outside the classroom door each morning. Dismissal is at 3:20 from the benches in front of the cafeteria at the front of the school.



Backpacks- Your child needs to bring their backpack to school everyday.


Behavior Plan- I use the management techniques from Dr. Becky Bailey 'Conscious Discipline' and Chris Biffle 'Whole Brain Teaching'. I keep a "How was your Day?" chart to track behavior. If a child breaks a rule after a warning or redirection they will put a picture card of the rule they broke in their spot on the chart. When they have shown improvement in their behavior and practiced following the rule they will have the opportunity to place a purple card in their spot on the chart to show that they are learning that rule. If a child continues to break that rule it will be marked in their behavior folder and sent home for you to sign and return.


Birthdays- You are welcome to bring a special snack! We will celebrate summer birthdays on their half birthday during the school year.


Behavior Folders- These are behavior folders used to report concerns to you. Please sign and return the folder everyday.


Breakfast- School breakfast is $1.00 in the cafeteria.



Calendar- There is a copy of the school calendar on the inside cover of the green and white folder your received at orientation.


Computers- We have five classroom computers and we will use the school computer lab once a week.


Conference- There are two scheduled parent/teacher conference times during the school year. I will be happy to meet with you anytime to talk about your child. Please call or write a note to set up a meeting.



Discipline- You have already received a copy of my classroom management plan.







E-mail – you can contact me by e-mail at school at this address:


Emergency Information- Please remember that if anything changes with your emergency information during the school year to please contact me.



Field Trips- I will be sending home a letter about trips soon! We are planning 3 trips this year. You will have the opportunity to go on 1 field trip per parent.



Geography- The Core Knowledge curriculum is very heavy in geography. In kindergarten we learn about the 7 continents. It would be very helpful to have a children's atlas and a globe at home!



Health- Please let me know of any special circumstances which may affect your child. These could include medications that make him/her sleepy, a death in the family, etc. Also please let me know of any allergies that your child may have.


Help at Home- Your child will be expected to know these:

Full Name


Phone Number

Birth date

Printing First and Last Name (by the end of the year)


Homework- Homework will be sent home at the beginning of each month. Homework is usually NOT returned. Please check and keep up with the homework calendar each night.




Illness- The question of when to keep your child home from school is often a difficult one, especially when decisions must be made first thing in the morning. It is important to keep your child home if he/she is ill.



Journals- We will be keeping writing and math journals at school. I will be sharing them with you each 9 weeks.




Kindness- Students in our classroom are expected to treat all members of our class as well as others with kindness and respect.



Library- We will visit the library once a week. Starting after winter break students will be checking out books to bring home.


Lunch- Lunch can be brought from home or bought at school. Money can be put into an account through the internet, phone, or by visiting the cafeteria. Lunch is $1.50 and there are snacks available for $.50. Please send lunch or snack money to school in a baggie or envelope with your child's name written on it.

You are welcome to come and eat lunch with your child, but we ask that you wait 6 weeks before doing so. We have found that during these first few weeks it can cause emotional stress on the child, even those transitioning well, if you come at lunch and they find out they are not going home with you.



Money- Please be sure to send money (lunch, snack, field trip etc.) to school in an envelope or baggie labeled with the child's name and the purpose of the money. Please put it in their behavior folder, not loose in the backpack or in a pocket.


Music- Our music teacher, Mrs. JoAnn Palmer, will be teaching the children the basics of music education and will be sharing many wonderful songs. We have music for one 45 minute period weekly.



Newsletter- I will be sending home a weekly newsletter on Thursday. Please read the newsletter very carefully as it will have important school and classroom information!



Nurse- We have a health assistant in the clinic in the office. She will tend to minor scratches and scrapes, as well as sudden illness. She is not allowed to give medication unless there has been a form filled out by you and you have a prescription. Please check with her for details. For more serious injuries she will contact you.





Parent Involvement- Parent involvement is part of our Magnet School Plan. I am always looking for help during the day and I am happy to send things home for parents that are unable to come to Rosewood during the school day.


Parties- We will have a winter celebration and an end of the year party. Other holidays and events will be recognized with a special activity or craft.



Questions- Please free to call me between 8:00-8:40 or between 3:30- 4:00 or leave a message on my voice mail during the school day if you have any questions.




Recess- We will have a 30 minute recess depending on the heat 4 days a week.


Report Cards- Report cards are issued every nine weeks. These report cards reflect the progress your child has made toward various kindergarten objectives and uses a grading system that reflects the developmental nature of kindergarten learning.


Restrooms- We have our own restroom. Students can use it as needed.



Schedules- Please refer to the schedule found in this folder.


Show and Explain- We will have "show and tell" starting in September. I will give you information at open house.


Snack- We have snack around 2:00 everyday. You will be assigned one day each month to provide snack for the class. Due to allergies, please try to provide snacks WITHOUT dairy and nuts. Please do not bring juice or candy. Small bottles of water are great along with healthy snacks!





Toys- Please keep all toys at home unless they are part of your child's show and explain topic. Your child may bring a beanie sized stuffed animal to sleep with during nap time.


Thursday Folders- I will be sending home my newsletter, school work, and other information every Thursday. Please take out the information and return the folder on Friday. I need help stuffing Thursday Folders! If you are available 1:05-1:50 (while the students are in specials) to come and help me stuff, please let me know!



Uniform- All students are required to wear a uniform. School tee shirts can be worn on Friday with jeans. If you have any questions about what is acceptable, please feel free to bring in the item of clothing and ask.



Visitors- ALL guests MUST sign in at the office and get a visitors pass. Please do not come to eat lunch with your child or pick them up from our classroom without going through the office first.


Volunteer Hours- All families must complete 10 hours of service a year. Please look for volunteer opportunities in the weekly Thursday newsletter and by visiting to sign up to volunteer.



Wish List- Throughout the year I will be posting items that our classroom needs on a wish list outside the door. If you can donate please take the post it and send in the item.


Web Site- I have a web site about our classroom and teaching. Please visit it for more information about our class.






ZZZZ- Please be sure that your child gets plenty of rest each night!


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