Thursday, August 19, 2010

B is for behavior

Classroom Behavior Management Information

Good behavior is a must in an engaging classroom. Standards are high at Rosewood Magnet School. In our classroom, children will learn the value of a safe, caring, family environment and practice making smart choices. Our class rules will guide us to make good choices as a class and individuals.

Classroom Rules:


  1. LISTEN when someone is speaking!
  2. Follow Directions QUICKLY!
  3. Raise your HAND to speak!
  4. RESPECT others, our school and yourself!

  5. Make SMART choices!

We do this to: J
Keep our Dear Teacher Happy!

Because when I am teaching and surrounded by happy, working children, I am very HAPPY!

Each morning, part of our routine will be to go over each rule so they are always fresh in the student's minds. Each rule not only has a number associated with it but also an action (gesture) so I can remind the children of certain rules by silently holding up a number of fingers or gesturing. Our goal is to always focus on instruction and minimize disruptions. We will practice our rules and steps to achieve them over and over again for many, many days. Practice makes permanent!

At the end of each day your child will share their progress in our behavior folder. This is also our opportunity for communication between home and school. Please take a few minutes each night to go through your child's backpack and folder. If a rule was repeatedly broken and they need more practice it will be indicated on the appropriate day.

**If you have any questions about this system, please call my classroom number 564-3853 and leave a message or e-mail me at


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