Wednesday, August 4, 2010

S is for Summer!

Everyone I know thinks I am very lucky to have summers off. I totally agree although I've only ever actually taken one entire summer off (the year I had my daughter Amelia). I have taught 10 summers of extended school year (summer school). It is always an adventure (I met Mr. Lewis at summer school!) and a great opportunity to have a small group of students. This year summer school was just 4 weeks so I still had 5 weeks left of vacation. The beginning of July my husband, daughter, and I took off for a 21 day road trip. We drove north to Sesame Place in PA, to visit my grandmother in Sodus NY, went to Willsboro NY and stayed in my in-laws cabin on Lake Champlain, went back to Sesame Place, and ended the trip visiting my college roommate and her family in Washington D.C. My awesome husband drove over 4,000 miles while I entertained Amelia in the back seat. We had a great trip but it was great to get home!

We have been home for a few days and I am ready to get my classroom in order and start planning. I went to Rosewood to see the status of my classroom and ran into Dot our great custodian- she told me I had to stay out until next week because she was busy waxing the floor. So now I am home making "to do" lists and enjoying my last moments of vacation.

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