Wednesday, August 18, 2010

S is for Schedule!


Our Daily Schedule

Mrs. Lewis' Class



8:55am – Tardy Bell


Getting Organized

Bell Work


Calendar (part of math curriculum)

Calendar Data Folder
(relates to Language arts, math, or Core Knowledge)

Show and Explain

Phonics Lesson (quick whole group lesson focused on a certain letter and skill)


Language Arts Block

(all areas are addressed but may vary in order according to skills, focus, or timing)

Harcourt Reading Curriculum

    Phonemic Awareness Activity (example: Rhyming)

    Shared Literature (example: Reading story together)

    Literature Focus (example: Main Idea)

    Vocabulary (example: words or ideas from literature)

Handwriting Lesson

Shared Writing (based on story or skill we are studying, example: Action Words)

Literacy and Learning Centers are a variety of centers around the room with open-ended activities or discovery based learning opportunities. Most of the time tasks are process oriented not product oriented. They are language arts activities but I do include core knowledge learning centers as well, because often the activity requires more than one subject area. I also meet with small guided reading groups to develop pre-reading and reading strategies.






RTI and Small Groups- Focuses on specific skills in small group setting during center time.

11:04am - 11:34am Lunch


11:35pm-12:35pm Math Block

Daily Review

Problem of the Day

Develop the Concept

Guided Practice

Quick Check



12:35pm- 1:05pm SPA – Structured Physical Activity and Recess


1:05pm-1:50pm Cultural Arts
M:PE T: Media W: Art Th: Music F: 1. PE 2. Media 3. Art 4. Music


1:55pm-2:50pm Core Knowledge and Snack


2:50pm-3:10pm Rest (I also take this time to do individual assessments).


3:10pm –3:20pm Daily Review


3:20pm Dismissal


We go to the Computer Lab once a week time and day TBA

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