Saturday, August 7, 2010

S is for Supplies!

I get excited and anxious in August when the school supplies start rolling out in the stores because I know that it will only be days before I have to report back to school. I have always loved school supplies. I remember as a child clutching my supply list and crossing off items as my mom and I shopped. When I was in elementary school Trapper Keepers were very popular. They were a plastic binder that kept track of folders and notebooks. I begged and begged my Mom to get me one for school but she pointed to the bold underlined request NOT to send in Trapper Keepers. I think eventually I got my grandmother to buy me one and I used it to play school at home. I remember it had floppy brown puppies on the cover. Then, I couldn't imagine what my teacher had against these cool binders, now as a teacher I understand! When I send out the supply list I try to be specific in my descriptions. I make it known that most supplies will be shared as a class and passed out throughout the year as necessary. I try very hard to avoid hurt feelings or distractions because one student got a glittery or scented pencil and another got a plain yellow pencil. I keep "special" supplies separate and use them as rewards or treats during the year.

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