Monday, October 25, 2010

C is for Computer Lab

WE DID IT! All 18 of my sprouts logged into their computer in less then 10 minutes. Now, they can't all log in themselves.. Ctrl, Alt, Delete .. is tricky.. BUT with a little help everyone logged in and enjoyed playing Jump Start Kindergarten and collected carrots. Oh! And no one cried.. not even ME :) If you are puzzled as to why this is BIG HUGE FANTASTIC news.... These are the steps to just log into a computer in my district.

1. Wiggle mouse to wake up computer
2.Press Ctrl, Alt, Delete
3. Click in user name box
4. Backspace to erase previous users user name
5. Type user name combination of last name and first initial- sometimes a number too
6. Click in password box
7. Type your 6 digit password (the numbers are hidden and show up as dots)
8. Click OK

NOW... they have to go to the correct folder, select a game, and sometimes SIGN IN ALL OVER AGAIN.

Due to testing in the lab this was only our 4th visit to the lab. I am PROUD!

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