Monday, October 18, 2010

My Baby Can't Read....

The other night Amelia and I were watching the end of the Good Night Sprout show and I was trying to convince her that THREE bedtime books were enough for tonight-- Mama's eyes are tired.. when a commercial for Your Baby Can Read came on TV. Amelia watched as the baby pointed to his pants when presented a word.. and we listened as a toddler read a list of flash cards, and we watched a preschooler read something out of a very thick book.... I ushered Amelia to bed where she exclaimed.. "Mommy, why can't I read.. if those babies can?" I immediately without even thinking about it.. said, "Babies are not supposed to know how to read". She accepted that answer and we read Little Miss Star, Bedtime for Francis, Jeannie's Hat, and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas ( I know it was 4.. she is really cute and convincing). The next day I thought about the My Baby Can Read trend. I've had parents tell me that they have started using it with their littlest one at home and I have had a parent tell me that their child got discouraged about his own reading after seeing the commercial of babies reading. I am a skeptic.. and I think 3 easy payments of whatever is too much for a bunch of flashcards and DVD of words.. (I admit I have never seen more then just the commercial so there may be more included. ) I am sure it works for some parents and some kids.. I have kids that come to kindergarten reading so I assume someone worked with them or they are lucky to be natural readers. The truth is... I don't think that babies should be reading. I think the time that is spent being presented with flash cards could be better spent on other skills. I am hesitant to post this.. because I don't like to cause waves.. and I don't really know who is reading my blog... but I do think that I owe it to the parents that are worried because their baby can't read.. It's OKAY. My baby can't read either. I have recently felt a little pressure to measure Amelia against other 3 year olds because she started preschool this year. Just like when moms bragged about when their baby took the first steps or got the first tooth.. it seems I am in a reading race! Well, Amelia can't read. I am glad she can't read! Toys I don't want her to have all mysteriously are for ages 5 and up or 2 and younger... I can make a shopping list, read a novel.. without worrying about her reading it. I will be excited and thrilled and proud when she learns to read but I don't see any reason to push it. To me, there is a lot of time to be a serious student with pressure to learn and a precious short time to be a child with only the work of play.

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  1. You said it so well that I all I need to add is AMEN!