Thursday, October 14, 2010

P is for Peanuts

As part of our unit on plants we learn about George Washington Carver. Apparently everything you need to know you DO learn in kindergarten... and I learn more every year. Before 2004 (the year I started teaching kindergarten) I had never heard -or at least never remember hearing- about George Washington Carver. Turns out he was really smart and saved the farms in the South. Here is his wiki page.. go ahead and read up! He invented many things we use today... ink, shaving cream, bleach- AND thought of over 300 ways to use peanuts. Since I have no peanut allergies this year we made homemade from scratch peanut butter. We read, From Peanut To Peanut Butter and then got started! Most of the kids had no idea how to shell the peanuts. They were creative with their methods.. although I did remind them not to put the shell in their mouth. We made about a cup of peanut butter and I was surprised that everyone liked it and asked for more. Here is a good video clip about George Washington Carver that is easy for young kids to understand.

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