Thursday, October 7, 2010

S is for Seasons

Seasons might be one of the hardest concepts to explain in a Florida Kindergarten classroom. They understand summer.. but the other 3 are something they barely experience. Thankfully, it has been cool this week. By cool- I mean 70 in the morning and 86 by recess but nevertheless, it was a good time to learn about seasons and fall. One lesson this week was based on one of my favorite childhood stories. I remember checking this book out of my school library over and over again. It is The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. I loved this little house. She had so much personality and had to endure many changes as time passed! I always was so relived when they finally moved her out of the big city back to the country on a spot on a hill. This book is a great tool to explain changes over time. This little house watches as roads are made and the city eventually takes over the countryside. Modes of transportation change throughout the book starting with horseless carriages ending with a subway. It would be fun to make a timeline with older children as you read this book. We focused on the changing seasons and how the little house and the scenery around her looked as time passed and the seasons changed. I copied 4 houses for each child and instructed them to color them all the same. They they glued their houses on construction paper and labeled each season. Last, they added details to the house and countryside depicting each season. This ended up being a 2 day project and I love all of the results. To top off the lesson we enjoyed watching The Little House come alive on youtube.
Have a great weekend! Enjoy this fall weather!

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