Thursday, October 28, 2010

F is for Friend

Jessica by Kevin Henkes is part of our reading curriculum. This story is close to my heart because I had two imaginary friends (Nina and Joey) until I started kindergarten. My daughter Amelia has followed in my footsteps and has an imaginary mother (Christina), father (unnamed), and brother (Inja). They do not appear all of the time but they always seem to be around. Ruthie has a friend named Jessica that only she can see. When she starts kindergarten she gets a great surprise and finds a best friend named (you guessed it!) Jessica! Today for shared writing we used our imagination and made our imaginary friend. We shared our friend and told the class about them. I typed a sentence and displayed it on the screen. We read back all 18 sentences and then I printed them out and cut the words apart. The class had to glue their sentence back in order. One of my favorites is "My imaginary friend is named Hiccup."

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